Welcome to the USC Puzzle Hunt!

The USC Puzzle Hunt is a puzzle hunt competition hosted by University of South Carolina students and inspired by The MIT Mystery Hunt. It takes place on the University of South Carolina campus every Spring and consists of a large set of puzzles centered around a central theme. The puzzles are tiered so that the solutions of one tier of puzzles serve to form the clues to the higher tier of metapuzzles and so on up to the single top puzzle, which leads to a prize located somewhere on campus.

The USC Puzzle Hunt was started in 2012 by a single student but has since expanded to a small group of students who help to write the puzzles and to otherwise run the hunt.

Current Hunt — Currently underway and registration has closed.

The 2016 USC Puzzle Hunt began on March 21. Last year, we had nearly 60 teams participate and are looking forward to a greater turnout this year! For more information regarding this year's hunt, see our informational page.