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2016 Puzzle Hunt

Hello, and welcome to the landing page for the 2016 USC Puzzle Hunt. Below you will find links to the various metapuzzles.

Throughout the hunt, teams received some free-answer pennywhistles, which they were able to redeem by clicking the whistle to your right.


After a team correctly solved all the meta puzzles, they were able to go onto the Final Puzzle.

Event Schedule

Kickoff – Monday, March 21, 2016, 7:30 PM in Callcott 011.

Super Market Sweep 101 – Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 9:00 PM in Honors B110.

Movie Night – Thursday, March 24, 2016, 7:30 PM in Honors B110.

Latest Corrections

[March 27 ; 1:54pm] Mike Teavee, Charlie Bucket: Hints have been provided.

[March 27 ; 8:33am] Violet Beauregard, "Meta": Corrected the solved-meta image.

[March 25 ; 3:04pm] Charlie Bucket, "Be Safe Out There": seventh green bean corrected (hard refresh might be needed to get new image); "Watch the Clock": "speed of sound light".

[March 25 ; 2:15pm] Charlie Bucket, "Sink or Swim": Added clarification.

[March 25 ; 1:53pm] Charlie Bucket, "Typewriter Tricks": Correction made to third image.

[March 25 ; 12:14pm] Veruca Salt: Hints are available.

[March 24 ; 6:08pm] Mike Teavee, "Meta": Changed "red-to-red" to "white-to-white" in the second bullet point to clarify the Blockbusters instructions.

[March 24 ; 2:06pm] Mike Teavee, "Elemental Strategy": Under KITE, "canine" changed to "canus"; "Play Your Cards Right": Last line changed to "Q♥ Q♠ Q♣ 10♠ …"; "Hsawaknow": spelling correction.

[March 24 ; 11:36am] Violet Beauregarde, "Meta": Meta image has been corrected.

[March 24 ; 9:16am] Violet Beauregarde: Hints have been revealed.

[March 23 ; 2:45pm] Veruca Salt, "Intl. Business": Added a note of clarification. "Scholar Studies": Replaced the course listing with a new image.

[March 23 ; 1:06pm] Veruca Salt, "Chris King Phones In the Puzzle Hunt": "Elaborate use" corrected to "Elaborate Ruse."

[March 23 ; 9:28am] Augustus Gloop: Hints have been revealed.

[March 21 ; 10:21pm] Augustus Gloop, "M & M's": McKellan to McKellen.