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Watch the Clock

When we work this hard, there's only a few times where a break is recognized. Until then, let's just do some crosswords.

Hors d'oeuvre choices
Strikeout symbol
Proceeding as planned
Wall hole filler
James Cameron blockbuster

"Mommie ___"
Very early film for Drew Barrymore
Like Muhammad's followers
Domains or worlds
Aid for the poor

Pet carrier feature
Narrow the gap
Inventor's documents
The fourth estate
It's between Sierra and Uniform

Popular puzzlehunt alphabet
Adored too much, or overly pampered
Just managed
Swedish for "yes"
Spilled the beans

Female flock member
Snack bar material
"To sum up..."
Wife of Bill Gates
Do over, as a new kitchen

Jeanne ___
Trophy for Spurrier or Staubach
"Your apology is fine by me"
Like most home movies
Hunter in the night sky

Columnist Huffington
Word seen in analogy questions
Actress Getty
Missed the boat
Three dots, in Morse
Morning news show portion

Swiss peaks
Matron of Mayberry
It records movies
Doles the cards out again
It shows early scenes of movies

Six-pack muscles
Yerevan's country
Now and then
Item carried to a picnic
Like the 1920s

The speed of light, in Einstein's equation
Cheeseburger cheese
Health science
Postal code for Kansas
Flared face feature
Software improvement

Totally jazzed
Without exception
Held protectively, like a baby

Become cloudless
Bing Crosby or Robert Goulet, e.g.
Morgue letters
Eisenhower's successor
Beat at the ballot box

Going down the middle:
Irene of "Fame"
Way off yonder
Fireplace remains
Work in the cutting room
Sushi seaweed sheet
"Saturday Night Fever" music
Tiny arachnids
Actor Estrada
Malicious gossip
Takes care of
The Bard's river