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Monumental Masonry

As long as you remember the eight cardinal directions, you'll never be lost. It helps to find a landmark in the middle of a field, and be sure to watch your feet, since you might trip on something.

50. Jerry Johnson 93. W A Clark
44. James E Leppard 88. Robert MacFarlan
57. Hugh L. Yoho 45. Edwin R Jeter
78. Bill Wilgus 01. Eauregard Hite
62. John McKenzie 76. Baily A. Crump
77. Leonard T Browder 28. William S Nelson
34. Robert Henry 92. Francis H Weston
72. John E. Whisonant 69. Ken Couch
77. Scott Ziemke 95. James McIntosh
56. Dr. Warren Griffin 31. Hallie J. Souther
50. Ben M. Badger 64. T Eston Marchant
33. A B Fleming 75. Michael Petty / Stephanie Petty
86. Jodie McDade Prosser 27. Travis C Cork
48. Dorothy McLeod Rhodes 88. George B Wright Sr.