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Mike Teavee

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Agent Teavee is a big fan of the television. So, it makes sense that the letters which lead to victory also come from the TV. Now it's just a matter to see if two heads are better than one.

Answers in this round will be inserted into the Blockbusters grid below. Answers will go from side to side, as the letters in each answer will make a direct path connecting either the two red sides or the two white sides.

  • The letters themselves can be in any order to make the path. As long as the letters in the word are all touching each other, and that they make a connected path from one side to the other, then the word fits.
  • Two letters from each answer will be designated as the ones that touch the walls. No other letters in any word touch the same wall twice (as in, a word going from white-to-white will have one letter in the leftmost column, and one letter in the rightmost column). Those two letters that touch the wall can be in either order.
  • The letter in the bottom left (which could be designated as either L4 or D1) is a D.