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International Business

Apparently, we have that international business thing pretty good around here. Wonka Chocolates is a major corporation, so of course he's making money on his new website. Presented here is a list of sweets he needs to get shipped with top-level priority, and if you mess up the mailing address, he might lose the domain name!


Necco Valentines
From: Maracaibo
To: Pago Pago

Nectarous Honeys
From: Mombasa
To: Niamey

Orange Hugs
From: Colon
To: Casablanca

Mint Oompas
From: Vientiane
To: Buenos Aires

Toffee Xtracts
From: Gdansk
To: Bergen

Oreo Rolos
From: Edmonton
To: Minsk

Fudge Licorice
From: Santo Domingo
To: Tirana

Nougaty Caramel
From: Sucre
To: Zinder

Icy Almonds
From: Yerevan
To: Walvis Bay

Candy Apples
From: Calcutta
To: Camp Justice


Note: Your answer is a 4-letter word.