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End Game


While you didn't exactly take down Wonka as you thought you would, you still put up a great show, and now you're out of that factory forever. Now that you are both the music maker and the dreamer of dreams, you can consider this espionage disaster over.

If you are a local team, then we are sorry to say that the coin has already been found by team AKA 47! The hint to the location was this picture, next to which was one of the glass elevators of Bull Street Garage. Regardless, we would love for you to please email us at so we can know of your success in solving this year's hunt!

If you are a remote team, email us at and let us know the final phrase you used to get here. We will then let you know which place your team came in.

From all of us here at the USC Puzzle Hunt, thank you for playing. We hope that you enjoyed, and may your love for puzzles be as everlasting as the gobstoppers you could've stolen.