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End Game

As your five agents are now running to the door, the man in the purple suit is standing in your way.

"Fools!", he shouts at your group. "All this effort to destroy me, and for what? Don't you realize that Slugworth works for me!?" As your group stands there, you hear the patter of little people marching towards you.

You realize that the damage you did was just a ploy, and that none of it will actually affect the factory. The pipe has already been fixed, the eggs are back on the conveyor belt, and you can never actually bring down Wonka's charisma.

You run past Wonka, now realizing that the Glass Elevator is the only way to get out of this factory. As you get inside, you hear Wonka yell at you "You lose! Good day sir!", while the rest of the Oompa Loompas are here to take you down.

Well, that's a shame.

The question posed at the beginning of the Hunt was "Why are you breaking in?" With regards to recent events, your question is now "Why are you breaking out?"

Ceiling:   Floor:
(Note: The hats on any of the letters above are incidental and only a design feature of the font used to make this puzzle.)

Remember that a Wonkavator can go in more directions that just up and down. The ticket you need to get out of here is the element of surprise you've known since the very beginning. And even though it appears as if this elevator only goes to five floors, it'll take you where you need to go, even if you think you might spiral out of control.

Why are you breaking out? THE CANDY MAN THINKS YOU SHOULD.