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Rifles and cannons hot,
And one mess kit for me!
And may there be no groaning when once shot,
When we charge out to thee.

Stop all sounds, turn of the stereo.
Prevent the light from shining with a dimmer low,
Silence the TVs and with headache full
Bring out my car keys, let the DDs rule.

The pool is calm today.
The guard is there, the board lies high
Upon the plane; on the deep end the kids
Play but are still; the heights of swimming stand,
Towering high, out in the public pool.

He went like on that hath watched clocks,
And is of sense aged on:
A matured and an older man,
He saw the morning dawn.

He will not go behind his house drinking
And he likes raising the drink pail to sip
He says again, "Good rainstorms make good waters."

I saw the best wings of my dinner combo destroyed by children,
Crying, "Now we wanted boneless,"
Draggin parents through KFC at eight looking
For a bucket fix.

What in me is dark
Costumed, where are the safes and cash drawers;
That to the stash of this great storefront
I may assert burglar-like reflexes
And justify this store of theirs for me.

Morning to evening
Men heard the depots cry:
"Come buy our Sharpie pens,
Come buy, come buy."

She had a drive – how shall I say? – too soon made glad,
Too easily fulfilled; she like who e'er
She hooked up, and her looks saw everyone.

Myrtle is the nicest beach, rolling
Ebb tides out of the blue sea, mixing
Umbrellas and sunbathers, stirring
Sea shells with white foam.