Sore Losers

These guys have to console each other because they all just got shellacked, but their quotes got all out of order. You decide who's next in the sequence.

"Your loss was just a happy little mistake. Relax. Just don't make another Indiana Jones movie."

"You did fine. On the bright side, you invented motion pictures, and I just used them to make movies about sharks."

"Don't seat this loss. You still have your home on top of a mountain, while I just have a couple in Maine."

"Just so you know, you did great, but not enough to squeak out the win. Look at us revolutionaries: you from America and me from Russia. The world is not so big after all."

"They called me a 'King,' but you're an actual 'Premier!' Anyone who said you didn't try your best would be ignorant."

"Cheer up! your still have your lawmaking and guide job, and I will just go back to playing 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on loop."

"I was very impressed with your moves despite everything. Want to come onto my show next week? You and that afro will be the perfect guests."

"I'm glad you're polytheistic, because you'll need to pray to the gods after that one, I'm kidding, but I'm also polytheistic, since my siblings and children and consorts collectively create polytheism."

"Forget about that! You might not have won, but I can give you ten great reasons why you're the best officer around."

"You did great. And at the end of the day, you'll still get to go back to your show where you might have a cooking segment, while I'll just fast for another day. It's a win-win, even though we both lost."

"Just because I'm a simple man from Georgia, and you're the biggest thing out of Indiana, doesn't mean I can't tell you that you did a fine job out there today."

"I cannot tell a lie, even though you didn't win, you definitely played the 'write' cards. See what I did there?"