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Scavenger Hunt

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Actually, you do. At least for the Scavenger Hunt anyway.

Below are 40 objects, each a word associated with a type of road. Your task is to find an object for each of these objects, and bring them to us in B110 in Honors Residence Hall from 9am to noon this Saturday, February 21st.

You can bring in either the street or just the object to count. E.g., you can bring in either "PENNY LANE" or "PENNY", and either will count.

The object should be more than just a picture of a thing you printed off the Internet.

But since time is of the essence, you'll have to race against the clock! There are a total of 40 objects below. Every object you bring in will be worth one second. We'll add together the number of points you earned plus 20. This will give you a number, which will count as a number of seconds. With that time on the clock, you will have to complete a "Minute To Win It" challenge, which will be given to you when you come to the turn-in session.

As a bonus, if you get any five-in-a-row on the table below, like a bingo, you'll receive one extra second.