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Hungry, Hungry Hippos

"Man, my plate is so full from all these white marbles. I wish we had something else to eat," said Henry Hippo. "At least we're not a part of those pyramid schemes like we once were," responded Homer Hippo.


Like Geronimo (6)

Main element in organic chemistry (6)

"Fear of Flying" author Jong (5)

10:1 or 5:2 (5)

AJ McCarron, now (6)

Robber baron who died in Rome, Italy (6)

Leaping Antelopes of Africa (7)

Nassau Coliseum athlete (8)

Word after light or electromagnetic (8)

Movement performed before asking a big question (5)

Drank like a puppy (6)

"______ bet?" (5)

Kitchen cloth (7)

Extremely earnest (6)

Ornamental tree type (6)

Sculpture in St. Peter's Basilica (5)

Bullfrog sound (5)

Mild and pleasant, as in weather (5)