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Hot Tub Time Machine

Nothing like enjoying a soak and watching sports with my bros. It's a shame some of these players are at the end of their careers, but they have the numbers to back it up.


Tank fortification (10)
Old hat (5)
"Father of fractal geometry" Mandelbrot (6)
Giggle-worthy city of Montana (5)
Law enforcement unit that doesn't cuff (6)
2005 film for Philip Seymour Hoffman (6)
H, in the Greek Village (3)
Monty Python member born in Minneapolis (7)
Pi Zeta Tau member from 2014 (5)
Convey (6)
Calvino of the page (5)
Kit ______ (4)
Lake near the Abu Simbel temples (6)
Two-way radio denial (8)
Oxygen, as a part of the atmosphere, roughly (8)
Santa's handful, while in flight (4)
Beautician, e.g. (6)


Serve as lookout, say (4)
Compound used in perfumes (6)
2014 epidemic of note (5)
"Don't Cry for Me Argentina" musical (5)
Cousin of a piccolo (4)
Netflix categories (6)
Some angry correspondence (8)
Dormancy (8)
Salad dressing request while ordering (5)
In the wrong (8)
"Interstellar" director Christopher (5)
Event where men wear tuxedos, but no one throws rice (4)
Once in a blue moon (6)
Italian Riviera destination (7)
More minuscule (6)
Feature on women's shoes (6)
It's a tight fit? (7)