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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

2/19/2015, 6:03pm: Gregory Jones and Angelina LaFleur have both had their names changed, and Local Information given by Fernandez, Adams, McSamuelson, Hilbert, Wayne, and Travers has been updated.

Trouble is afoot again in the sleepy and peaceful, if somewhat seedy, town of Westville. Someone has planted a bomb in a secret location, and vows to only disarm it if someone buys the proper good from the general store. The townsfolk, however, seem less than eager to help you, for they have taken it upon themselves to obfuscate any information that can help you. They promise you that with any piece information they have provided you with, 6 of them will be always honest, 6 will be always lying, and 4 will be half and half, and moreover that this will be the same for everything.

Do you think you are up to the challenge? Can you solve their riddles, take a tour around town, and save the day?

File 1: Personal Information

Rancher: José Fernandez

Samuel McSamuelson tells only the truth if William Anderson tells both truths and lies.
Everything Horatio Travers says is true.

General Store Manager: Henry Adams

Anyone that William Anderson refers to only lies.
If I tell the truth, then Esther Williams tells only lies.

Nurse: Samuel McSamuelson

If Robert Umbridge tells both truths and lies, then everything that Saphir Grosvenor says is a lie.
If George Appelbaum tells the truth, then José Fernandez tells the truth always.

Barkeep: Emma Wilkinson

Something I say is a lie.
Everything that William Anderson says is true if and only if everything that Arthur Lancing says is not true.

Executioner: Jonathon Hilbert

If Lizzie Anthony tells lies, then Lizzie Anthony tells only lies.
Horatio Travers and Samuel McSamuelson have the same truth-telling pattern.

Farm Owner: Lizzie Anthony

Frederick Smith doesn’t tell lies.
Horatio Travers only tells lies.

Carpenter: Reginald Wayne

Jonathon Hilbert tells only truths.
What Henry Adams says is always true.

Doctor: Oswald Jones

José Fernandez tells only lies.
If Reginald Wayne tells only the truth, then Henry Adams tells both truth and lies.

Maid: Esther Williams

William Anderson tells at least as many truths as Samuel McSamuelson.
If Reginald Wayne tells only truths, then Arthur Lancing doesn’t tell lies.

Prospector: Arthur Lancing

There is something true that Saphir Grosvenor says.
Emma Wilkinson always lies.

Merchant: Horatio Travers

George Appelbaum, Samuel McSamuelson, and Saphir Grosvenor all have different truth-telling patterns.
Arthur Lancing only lies.

Sheriff: George Appelbaum

If I tell the truth, then Emma Wilkinson tells only lies.
Everything that José Fernandez says is true.

Entertainer: Saphir Grosvenor

Oswald Jones tells both truths and lies.
Robert Umbridge and Frederick Smith have the same truth telling pattern

Farmhand: William Anderson

At least one of Frederick Smith and Lizzie Anthony tells only the truth.
Arthur Lancing only lies.

Jailor: Robert Umbridge

Everything Frederick Smith says is true.
Everything Arthur Lancing says is false.

Old Coot: Frederick Smith

Everything Arthur Lancing says is true.
Either Jonathon Hilbert or José Fernandez tells lies.

File 2: Local Information

José Fernandez

If Henry Adams and Samuel McSamuelson both lie, then Emma Wilkinson is at c2. If only one of them lies, then she is at d3. If neither of them lie, she is at d4.
Robert Umbridge is at f1.

Henry Adams

If Jonathon Hilbert and Lizzie Anthony have the same truth-telling pattern, then George Appelbaum is at a6. If they do not, then he is at b1.
Oswald Jones is at e3.

Samuel McSamuelson

If Horatio Travers tells only the truth and Saphir Grosvenor tells lies, then I am at c3. If that is not the case, then I am at d6.
Henry Adams is at g8.

Emma Wilkinson

If Lizzie Anthony and Arthur Lancing both always lie, then Oswald Jones is at g2.
Arthur Lancing is at a5.

Jonathon Hilbert

If William Anderson tells only the truth, and if Oswald Jones tells only the truth, then Esther Williams is at c4. If only one of the two conditions is true, then she is at h1. If neither of them are true, then she is at e7.
Reginald Wayne is at b7.

Lizzie Anthony

If Frederick Smith and Esther Williams both always lie, then Saphir Grosvenor is at b3.
Frederick Smith is at b2.

Reginald Wayne

If Emma Wilkinson lies, but not always, then José Fernandez is at c5. Otherwise, he is at f5.
Saphir Grosvenor is at e2.

Oswald Jones

If Samuel McSamuelson and George Appelbaum both tell truths, then Lizzie Anthony is at c6, and if that is not the case, she is at b3.
I am at d4.

Esther Williams

George Appelbaum is at f5.
Robert Umbridge is at e1.

Arthur Lancing

If either Oswald Jones or George Appelbaum lies, then Arthur Lancing is at d6.
Jonathan Hilbert is at c3.

Horatio Travers

If Lizzie Anthony and Arthur Lancing both always lie, then Jonathon Hilbert is at e6. If only one of them always lies, then he is at g4. If neither of them always lie, then he is at h6.
Frederick Smith is at h2.

George Appelbaum

If William Anderson and Robert Umbridge both lie, then Lizzie Anthony is at g4, and if that is not the case, then she is at b4.
Esther Williams is at b2.

Saphir Grosvenor

If Emma Wilkinson and Jonathon Hilbert both tell only lies, then Lizzie Anthony is at d5, and if that is not the case, then Horatio Travers is at f5.
I am at b4.

William Anderson

If Arthur Lancing and Esther Williams tell truths, then Horatio Travers is at c4, and if not, he is at c7.
I am at g8.

Robert Umbridge

If Oswald Jones and George Appelbaum both lie, then George is at b8.
William Anderson is at f6.

Frederick Smith

If José Fernandez and Saphir Grosvenor both lie, then Arthur Lancing is at d5, and if not, then he is at f5.
Frederick Smith is at a8.

Addendum: Extraction

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