Twenty Fifteen

Doc: We're back in the year 2015!

Marty: Looks like there is all kinds of technology everywhere Doc.

Doc: Indeed you are right. Seems that we finally put the pieces together and got the wheels turning.


2/24/2015, 11:32pm: Hints have been added. Check below!

2/20/2015, 2:14pm: Split Decisions - Changed image.

2/20/2015, 2:08pm: This is Heavy - Changed 69-Across and 32-Down.

A Rock and a Hard Place - Puzzle Tile

All in the Family - Puzzle Tile

New World Airlines - Puzzle Tile

Split Decisions - Puzzle Tile

Sore Losers - Puzzle Tile

This is Heavy - Puzzle Tile

Well Versed - Puzzle Tile

Upon Solving the Meta...

Time Traveler Captured: Hermione Granger

Marty: I don't know how that necklace she has works, but we got her!

Doc: That's right, and her POLYJUICE BOX won't be messing us up anymore.

Marty: Once we've got all five items, we should be able to get to the bottom of all this.

Doc: You're right, Marty! Let's hurry!


Front Page Headline - Prize Piece