White Mates in Two


  1. Restaurant atmosphere
  2. City home of Table Mountain
  3. Geniuses, or the house team on a BBC quiz show
  4. Diplomatic representative
  5. "Go Down, Moses" author
  6. Classic Gary Cooper western film
  7. Isle of Man's locale
  8. Ball issued by the King of All Cosmos
  9. Volcanic island near Java
  10. "Every Good Boy Does Fine," for one
  11. Musical with the song "All Er Nuthin'"
  12. Psalms successor
  13. Nickname for Capone
  14. Triskaidekaphobic's fear
  15. Star of "The Bank Dick"
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All 16 pieces: [ZIP, 541KB]

Due to a previous error in the pictures, we have provided, as of 4:15pm Tuesday, an updated set of images for this puzzle -- hopefully any confusion has been resolved.