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General Knowledge Quiz

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Answer these questions, and please submit your answers before time is up.

1. [3 points] What film won the 1955 Oscar for Best Picture?

2. [2 points] Which U.S. President once appeared on an episode of "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"?

3. [1 point] According to a recent poll, during what month do most women begin to look pregnant?

4. [1 point] What company, an S&P 500 component, features 70,000 white-collar employees who only work four months of the year?

5. [4 points] What American city's largest airport is named after a WWII hero, while its second largest airport is named for a WWII battle?

6. [5 points] What term is given to the number that is a one followed by one hundred zeroes?

7. [3 point] What do British parents buy at the baby store to transport their child?

8. [1 point] What physical law states that the electrostatic force between two points charged in free space are proportional to the product of the amount of charge of the bodies divided by the square root of the distance between them?

9. [6 points] What common coin features a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt?