Sink or Swim

Hopefully, this puzzle is better than the movie.

  • "The Bridge at Narni" painter
  • Capital city of the empire also contained in this grid
  • Power tested with Zener cards
  • Rough figs.
  • Cheesy ballpark snack
  • Proper word?
  • Surprised cries
  • _______ around
  • Type of structure built by Charles Garnier and Jorn Utzon
  • "The Cinder House Rules" extras
  • Egyptian god of the underworld
  • Famed actor who died in December 2013
  • Realm of Otto von Bismarck
  • Aquarium buildup
  • Arranges
  • Kitchen strainers
  • _______ kwan do
  • Comedian Daniel

Note: No two hits are on the same word, row, or column.

  • Arsenal supplies
  • MP3 holders
  • Some pocket change
  • Non-neutral position?
  • Start to wilt
  • Relieve
  • Pre-scrimmage gathering
  • Aforementioned empire
  • Serif, essentially
  • Songwriter reed
  • Mo. the UK celebrates Black History Month
  • GM emergency service
  • What a bad roommate might do
  • SNL alumna Fey
  • Grecian object in a Keats poem
  • Government facility in Philadelphia and Denver
  • Riverbanks, e.g.

Known miss squares:
A5 B9 C2 D7 D9 F2 F3 G6 H3 J8