House of Delegates

Are you tired of what is happening on campus or what is NOT happening on campus? Then the newly formed House of Delegates is who you should call. While we can't give personal information over the Internet, here are their hometowns organized by where they sit in the chamber.

Goose Creek, SC Indianapolis, IN Vero Beach, FL Elizabeth, NJ Augusta, GA
Oak Lawn, IL North Las Vegas, NV El Paso, TX Independence, MO Fort Collins, CO
Idaho Falls, ID Niagara Falls, NY Tempe, AZ Huntsville, AL Eugene, OR
Hartford, CT Ida, MI Durham, NC Duluth, MN Ellis, KS
Norman, OK Covington, KY Orangeburg, SC Denison, IA Everett, WA
Spartanburg, SC Zanesville, OH Erie, PA Raleigh, NC Occidental, CA
Ironton, OH Florence, SC Norwood, NC Omaha, NE Taylorsville, UT