The Voicemails of Manti Teo

Manti just can't take a hint. Below are the last voicemails on his phone before his girlfriend died, or something like that.


June 20: "Hey Manti. I'm currently sitting in the parking lot of....the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Detroit waiting for a couple of friends to pick me up for a vacation. It'll only be a few days, and I'll be able to see you after that. All right, love you. Bye."

June 28: "Hey Manti. I don't want you to get worried, but I'm in Russia right now, and this city seems to be pretty violent. I'll be back in America soon, and hopefully I'll see you then. Don't worry. Love you, bye."

July 1: "Hey Manti! I just left Philadelphia and made it to South Carolina, where I'll be heading for the Caribbean. Should be fun. Love you, bye."

July 5: "Hey Manti. I'm on a plane....a 727 I think, on my way to the Notre Dame. The guy behind me seems ready to jump out of the plane, but everything else is great. See you soon. Bye."

July 12: "Hey Manti. Up in Canada, and my classmates are getting really antsy about me being in charge doing this marine science project. Just because I named the water we were on after me, they want to mutiny. Anyway, all is good. Love you. Bye."

July 20: "Heyyyyy! I'm in the land down under on a little vacation. The beaches here are beautiful, and it's like swimming in crystal blue. After a couple more days, I'll be coming back to America. See you soon. Bye."

July 22: "Hey, just wanted wanted to let you know I'm back in America. First one back actually. I even carved our initials in a tree. I'll see you in 24 hours hopefully. Bye."

July 23: "This is odd, but our group had a slight detour. I'm currently over the English channel listening to some in-flight swing music heading to France. I'm coming home, I promise. It'll be a week, tops. All right, bye."

July 30: "Hey, another delay. I'm currently in the UK, sitting in a hotel with Mrs. Teresa Neele. She is really a bit of a mystery. Anyway, I'm coming to the US in less than a week. Probably. All right, bye."

August 5: "...this is ridiculous....Hey, I'm with my friends, and we're for some god-knows reason trying to find a passage to get to Asia faster. I don't know either. Later. Bye."

August 14: "Hey Manti. How we're in Mexico, and our tour guide nicknamed 'The Old Gringo' is showing us what the city of Chihuahua looks like. We are leaving in 4 days! I swear it! Bye."

August 18: "You won't believe it! On the first steamship back to America! The guy next to me smells, like gas, but that's OK! The ship's ETA is 8 days, and I'll be home soon! Love you, bye!"

August 26: "Hey Manti. Thanks for being such a little prince when it comes to this whole around-the-world trip just to get to you. I have to go back to Stanford and get my stuff, and then I shall be going up to Notre Dame to finally see you. THANK GOD. See you soon. Bye."

Manti's girlfriend died September 11, 2012.


Teo's girlfriend seems to sound like famous people from history.

Time elapsed between phone calls.