Spiral Bound

This puzzles takes you around and around and around.


1-7. Problems discovered while shampooing

8-14. Shot 72, on a round of golf

15-19. Metal, for one

20-24. Knightly quality

25-28. Dan. preceder

29-35. Song heard at the beginning of Jets games

36-39. Support with flanges

40-45. Noted inside players

46-49. "The Flying Dutchman" role

50-58. Apollo 11 was a part of it

59-64. Sage of Greek myth


64-62. Sour

61-56. Iroquois League nation

55-51. SportsCenter clip

50-41. Lodge locales

40-35. It's rich in oil

34-31. Carvey who said "A thousand points of light"

30-23. Drink that comes in a black can

22-16. She wore a large 'L' on her clothes

15-11. Fanta flavor

10-5. Common rescuee

4-1. Camping nuisance


A-E. Your answer


Solve the puzzle; the idea should be pretty straightforward.

The A-E block can placed on top of the grid so you can find a 5-letter word.