Rainbow Row

Someday we'll find it. The rainbow connection.

Listed are 49 things, all color-coordinated. You can bring these to the Honors Dorm, Room B110, on Saturday, March 30, between 9am and 12, noon. Bring at least 28 objects to get the answer. The team with the most objects will also get a free answer.

Books Red Badge of Courage - Crane A Clockwork Orange - Burgess Crome Yellow - Huxley Green Eggs and Ham - Seuss The Bluest Eye - Morrison The Color Purple - Walker Gravity's Rainbow - Pynchon
Fruit Apple Orange Banana Watermelon Blueberries Red Grapes Fruit Gushers
Movies Hunt for Red October Orange County Yellow Submarine Fried Green Tomatoes The Blues Brothers The Color Purple The Wizard of Oz
Shirts Newberry Clemson Winthrop Coastal Carolina The Citadel Furman College of Charleston
Music Albums Red - Taylor Swift Channel Orange - Frank Ocean Yellow - Coldplay Green River - CCR Kind of Blue - Miles Davis Purple Rain - Prince Rainbow Bridge - Jimi Hendrix
Shampoo Bottles Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Tricolor+
USC Symbol Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Rainbow