A Poem of Magnificent Brilliance

This Russian romantic was adored
With rhapsody and concertos four.
Brief and even briefer still,
He came to concede to Preskill.
He helped the deaf and all the while
He bridged the gaps that spanned the miles.
Restoring an empire with new breath,
He gave to Jove untimely death.
A quadroon with counts on his brain,
A passing mention in Django Unchained.
Swept an armada with one hand,
Her husband was her native land.
Enlightened and German was she,
Her country crossed the Bering Sea.
One for whom ballet won bread,
Saint-Saëns’ swan now is dead.
Icéd cream was what she 'sired
She saved the painting from the fire.


Each of the people described in this poem have the first names of people in a book (with slight translation).

The blanks represent the names of the book people.