Living in the Woods

The great outdoors. The birds are flying, and the creek is flowing. So grab your firewood and your shelter, and set up amongst these tremendously tall trunks of timber.


  1. Take the tickets of Kris Humphries's team (5,4)
  2. "Get this broken car off the side of the road or else!", for one (3,6)
  3. Londoner's goodbye to Derek (2-2,5)
  4. Hartford's business (9)
  5. "Uris's novel is also set in Palestine!" (3,3,3)
  6. Has a really good date (4,2,3)
  7. Itty-bitty piece of land (4,5)
  8. A rather untimely pleasure vessel (4,5)
  9. Awarded a piece to tennis star Korda, in case of a shootout (5,4)

Horizontal: 404013123
Vertical: 312221223
Diagonal: Not a bad clue to start out with


The diagonal describes what type of puzzle this is.

There is an alliteration in the intro text.